Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Blogger Day!

It's 31 Aug., let'us celebrate the World Blogger Day..

For sure it's an opporutnity to meet, to know each other, and to tell many people about some MATTERS OF FACT that some "nice" guys try to hide from the minds of out planet's dwellers, and about what some of our peers feel all over the world.. I just have choosen five blogs from all over the world, hoping to read, and think with them.. Still thinking is the principal mental sport.. isn't it?

But before I proceed, I have some words to say..

The Israeli politicians always like to express their sorrow on the civilians which they kill..I don't know to whom they direct their "nice' apology!

Let us assume that this is directed to the Arab World...

I think this "apology" could-only- be study-worthy if they apologize for all the world for not being accurate in using their expressions( given that they describe killing of civilians in Quana1, 2, Sabra -Shatila in 1982,and for sure Khan younis for example, as "casualities"), and if Israeli people and government(s) have began to realize that their neighbours are people like them, have the same rights to live peacefully.. In these two cases, we as arabs may think of the "sweet" apologies!

Final remark : I am not a fan of Hezbulla at all, and not a fan of any mouvment, tareeka, or regime which "plays" the religous with us, I just side with the regular people who are surrounded by the Israeli war machine from one side, and dicatorship, ignorance, extremism, bureaucracy, and religion-exploition..

The world is a small village. Blogging made it smaller and smaller. This is a blog from Luxomborg which does not only tackled the Israeli aggression on Palestine and Lebanon, but also, and like others, raises alot of questions of the so called New World Order..

Bashir, a Lebanese peer, presented a beautiful blog , both in design and thought matters, at least to me.. As very-almost-all peers in Lebanon, he concentrated on the Isreaili aggression against his country..

3-The Nether-World
A healthy mixture of news, politics and opinion on current events with the odd bit of history thrown in", This is what our British colleauge David Simonetti introduces his blog with ..

From U.S.A, I've choosen this blog. Blogging is the voice of people, in USA and the rest of the world as well..

5-Stop Destroying Lebanon
Image worths 1000 words, this is what is always said to introduce a photo-blog.. With photography, Assad marked scenes from the Israeili aggression on the innocent Libanese civilians..


Bent Masreya said...

يا سلام يا سلام

هى دى الاحتفالات وللا بلاش

بوست جميل يا قلم :)

قلم جاف said...

مع إني برضه لما قريت الصياغة لمرة تانية شايف إنه كان ممكن يبقى أحسن..

شاكر ليكي تحملك زيارة التوبيك الاستثنائي دة ، ومستني تعليقاتك على مواضيع "الصحافة فين التعليم أهه"..

Spontaneousnessity said...

naby 3zooma